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Building a Community on Tumblr

A good article on community building – and niche culture on Tumblr.

For many markets…..Tumblr is the smartest blog building strategy you can find – simply due to how easy they make it to find, bond and build relationships with other people who share your interests…and will help spread your message to the masses.

While there is a whole lot of wierd and wacky stuff on Tumblr as well – let’s face it – we’re all a bit weird and wacky on the inside.

Tumblr just reminds us that we’re not as weird as we thought.

Maybe you are.

But I’m definitely not.

Well worth checking out if you are struggling to find an audience with your conventional blog – Tumblr DOES have it’s shortcomings (not great for long form blost posts like these) but it’s strengths, especially for strategically building a blog, brand, or content oriented community, should not be overlooked.

Check out the full article at the link following the short excerpt below.

On Tumblr, users can post a huge variety of content and media. So, it’s no surprise the social blogging platform hosts wildly diverse communities. Some of these groups are so big and so active they become subcultures in their own right. They take over tags, earn thousands of reblogs and even create dedicated blogs entirely dedicated to one, very specific subject.

Most Tumblr users partake in one or several different subcultures, depending on their personal interests. Because Tumblr allows users to create multiple blogs, a single account can have various subculture-related blogs, as well as a personal one.


Is Article Marketing Dead?

Here is another article I submitted to EZA a few minutes ago on article marketing…..after discussing the pro’s and cons of incorporating article directory submissions into a new client campaign.

Not only do I know with 100% certainty that article marketing STILL works wonderfully well in 2013, in some niches, due the increased scrutiny many “bum” marketers are getting from the larger directories, it’s actually EASIER to get a greater slice of the traffic pie in many high value niches, simply because if you create quality content, and establish a good reputation as a quality content creator in those markets, you are going to get all sorts of benefits you couldn’t get a few years ago….when tons of folks were competing for the very same eyeballs. Read More »

The Best Online Opportunities for 2014

Here is a short article I shared earlier today on EZA highlighting a few of the simple strategies I think are BEST for budding blog, brand and BUZZ builders who are launching online agency style offers from home in the next few months.

And while there are lots of evergreen offers out there to make……the truth is, the “sexier” you can make your specialty, the more appealing the idea of working with you becomes, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the 2 services I briefly outline below. Read More »

Flipping Websites? Learn How to Make an Extra $1000 Per Month Giving Them Away

Here is a short article I shared on EZA a few minutes ago about a very simple, very easy and quite “elegant” strategy for using free websites as the ultimate lead generation strategy.

The truth is, everyone loves free stuff.  For example – I just stole a box of pop tarts accidentally from the Winn Dixie in Boynton Beach, and had no idea I put them into the wrong bag, and didn’t pay for them….until I got out to my car.

Think that blueberry frosting didn’t taste a wee bit better because they were on the house?

Think again.

Because free pop tarts always tastes better.

Free candy corn is pretty good too, which is why I’ll be dressing up as a giant snow cone and trick or treating in about an hour as well. Read More »

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