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It’s Your Time to Tumblr

Yet another insightful article on some of the amazing benefits to building your blog with Tumblr in 2015. In addition to being fun, free and having a veritable avalanche of themes designs and endless content curation opportunities + community connections to make regardless of your niche, market or industry……Tumblr is also becoming a legitimate blog, brand, BUZZ and business building platform as well.

Simply stated, there is no easier way to create copious amounts of content than to CURATE, add and embellish upon what others have already created….and Tumblr is probably the easiest, push button platform in the world for doing just that. (and it’s obviously encouraged as well – no wondering how much of that article, blog post or content to clip or snip – Tumblr wants you to share the love, and that’s a beautiful way to build a brand new blog from scratch)

Check out the recent article from the Washington Post on why Tumblr is the new “Front Page” of the internet… the link following the excerpt below.

The Internet story of the year — perhaps of many years — began with a breezy, under-punctuated blog post on the Tumblr of some 21-year-old no one had previously heard of.

“Guys please help me,” the blogger wrote, ignorant of the fact that her words would echo in eternity. “Is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?”

“The dress,” of course, has since become a Web phenomenon of unparalleled virality: 73 million page views on the post itself, 550 tweets a minute, and, its peak, a veritable Everest of takes and think pieces. Buzzfeed, the outlet that first broke the story (insofar as it was a “story,” and swiping it from Tumblr counts as “breaking”), published 30 follow-ups within a week. They had, per the “viral guru” Neetzan Zimmerman, reached “Viral Singularity.”

But while the dress may have been singularly popular, the path it took to get there was increasingly commonplace. From the depths of Tumblr, it conquered the entire viral Web: Buzzfeed, Twitter, Facebook eventually.

“This seems to be the new Viral Cycle,” Zimmerman told Vice’s Adrianne Jeffries.

It’s impossible to conclusively quantify the meta trends of the viral Web, of course, even given the host of tools and consultants dedicated to that pursuit. But last week, when Pricenomics’s data team scraped Buzzfeed to see where the viral powerhouse finds its stories, it found that Tumblr came out on top — over YouTube, Reddit and Imgur.

Write Better

To be honest with you, I’m not even sure that title is grammatically correct.

And if I had used the Hemingway writing app to create it…….I wouldn’t be so insecure about the power of my prose.

I’ve been checking out a whole slew of productivity tools over the last few weeks for a product creation challenge for authors, artists, content marketers and other creatives, and a few really stand out as both useful…and fun to use.

The Hemingway App (free to use it online – 6 bucks and change to download the desktop version) is really super simple, and uber cool.

Check it out here…..or read a little extra blurb about it below.

Some other really cool tools that you need to know about if you are creating content on a daily basis? is awesome and totally free.

And Ulysses (the writing app, not the Greek mythology version of myself after one shot of tequila too many) is aesthetically awesome and addictive to use to boot.  (a bit of a different animal, and only for Mac afficionados,  but well worth checking out if you write often like many of us do)

You can read some more of what Hemingway does below, or check it out here.


What’s the Hemingway Editor All About?

Hemingway makes your writing bold and clear. It’s like a spellchecker, but for style. It makes sure that your reader will focus
on your message, not your prose.

Too often, our words are like our thoughts — innumerable and
disorganized. Almost any bit of writing could use some cutting. Less is
more, etc.

So, the Hemingway Editor will highlight (in yellow and red) where
your writing is too dense. Try removing needless words or splitting the
sentence into two. Your readers will thank you.

Readability Grade Levels

Hemingway builds on the innovations of researchers of a field
called “Readability.” These researchers study how understandable a piece
of writing is. Part of that work involves trying to decide which U.S.
grade level is required to understand your text.

How to Write the Perfect Article for Social Media (10 Things That Will Help Make Your Content Go Viral)

A great read for those of you looking to either build your own blogs, brand and business on the firm foundation of content marketing magic….OR, are helping others in your niche, market or community do the same.

Well worth checking out….a quick and easy primer on the some of the best practices for creating inspiring, informative, entertaining, entertaining and ENLIGHTENING content that gets “shared” like crazy 😉  Enjoy!

Using “Sites” to Sell High End Continuity Services (The Secret to Getting Big Money from Small Sites)

Here is another short article I wrote earlier this week for EZA on using sites to sell high end services, something we’re going to be focusing on, and demonstrating in the upcoming “build an online agency from scratch” challenge.

If you look at a domain or website marketplace like FLIPPA.COM, you’ll see a lot of the more experienced online enterpreneurs will be selling themselves, or their services…..with the “ruse” of selling a site.

Essentially, if you look at the ads, the sites themselves that are being sold are very modestly profitable, maybe earning a few hundred dollars a month in adsense or affiliate income, or more commonly…..are earning even less, but have “proven” traffic numbers that emanate from some sort of technique that the person or group controls.  (like an inexpensive source of paid traffic from “warez” style sites, or even article re-directs, for example)

The person selling the site will then use the SITE as a lead aquisition tool to say – “hey – this site earns $200 a month – or gets 25K visitors a month – and we’re barely touching it or optimizing it – when you buy the site we’ll GIVE you our secret traffic source – or the secret technique we use to get low cost visitors, or easy affiliate sales, etc.  Our normal rate is 18 billion dollars an hour – so when you buy this site that is earning very little – you are getting our TIME, which is  an incredible value worth tons more than your paying for the site itself”

Of course I’m paraphrasing this nonsense…….but it’s a great example of packaging and selling SERVICES (the person’s time and expertise behind the site) as the big value proposition that is thrown in as part of the transaction.

It’s actually a GREAT way of selling services, and using front end “assets” as the lead aquisition strategy in a marketplace that wouldn’t allow you to hock your expertise alone for thousands of dollars.

Make sense?   It’s a bit sneaky…..but based on how popular some of these offers are in the site selling marketplace – an effective way of saying – the only way you are going to be able to get access to my expertise is to buy one of my sites for XYZ dollars – and then I’ll teach you how I do what I do.

The good news?

This CAN be done very ethically, and very easily in your local community without any of the sneaky stuff or even head scratching on the client side  while delivering tons of value at the same time, without the common high pressure sales pitch style silliness that perpetually poisons these style offers when they’re made in the online entrepreneurial or income space.

One way to do that is to give sites away that may take a few hours to create once templatized – but have high perceived value  – and most importantly, have REAL WORLD value to your local clients as they do exactly what they’re designed to do – help YOUR clients get more clients themselves.

Of course, it’s much more difficult to ask a local professional for 2 or 3 thousand dollars for a new website – even if it looks good, all upfront.  What IS infinitely easier, is to offer something of obvious value on a continutity basis – and where a recurring 2, 3 or even 500 dollar monthly investment on their part is par for the course with what they’re spending elsewhere…….or what your competition may charge for a whole lot less, and yet, allows you to turn something you built into an afternoon into a 3-5K transaction with ease to YOUR bottom line.

Yes, I know that was a long run on sentence, but i’m heavily caffeinated and easily excited.  

Plus my keyboard has no periods.

If none of this makes sense…check out the article I submitted to EZA earlier below – or schedule a Campfire chat session and I’ll walk you through the process.   (free 15 minute consultations available all next week, starting on Dec 2)

EZA Article reprinted below:

The SECRET to Selling Your Websites for TOP Dollar?  (Give Them Away)

 Think you’ve got to ask for a lot of money to make a killing flipping, or selling websites?  What if I were to tell you that the absolute easiest way to earn amazing money selling your online assets, or flipping web properties was actually to give them away?


The funny thing is, it’s 100% true in most circumstances, and I’m going to show you how to do it, immediately below.


First, understand THIS to be true, because it is:


In most niches, the market for selling high end websites is actually fairly limited.  Unless you own very high value .com domain names, or are an experienced seller on one ofthe most popular platforms like FLIPPA, it can actually be somewhat challenging to make a great income selling domains, blogs or websites full time.

 The place that is MOST profitable for most entrepreneurs may surprise you.

Look outside your own window right now.  If you truly want to “get rich online”, that’s your target market.

Your local community is actually the gateway to more income than you can conceive.

The irony?

Most people NEVER look locally when it comes to building a business online, and in my view, that’s a HUGE mistake.  (and a big reason why 99% of online entrepreneurs never make $100 in profit as well)

 The very same things that are challenging or even difficult on a national or international basis can be DEAD simple where you live right now.

Let me give you a really quick illustration that you can test for yourself, right now,step by step.

  1. Register a local domain name in your current community in a high value niche.
  2. Build a blog on the domain.  Add a little bit of curated content, and install a premium wordpress framework on the site if you have access to one as well.  (this gives the site additional incremental value, as premium frameworks can be “quantified” on a cost basis much the same way is done with materials in conventional real estate)
  3. Add as much value to the site as you can in the first week.  Å newsletter opt in form, for example…with a few pre-written follow up messages, may seem like a very simple thing to you, but to a realtor who has no clue about web design or development, that may feel like a high end job he or she would have to spend $100 an hour or more to replicate on their own site.
  4. Next, make a list of the top 10 people in that niche, where you currently live, who have an inferior web presence than what you just built.
  5. In some niches, especially blue collar ones that have a high lead value, you may find that 70% of the websites in that niche are terrible, or even don’t exist at all.
  6. Reach out to that first group of 10 people, but rather than offering to SELL the site you just built, offer to give it away.
  7. Then, sell your SERVICES as a value added benefit behind the site.  For example, selling that site for $4000 might sound crazy, right?  After all….it only took you a few days and probably doesn’t have enough content, or high end design elements to be worth 4K to a realtor on face value.


But, if you already know that the realtor is spending 5-800 per month on SEO, and blog building, or Craigslist marketing, or some permutation of all of those elements right now, you can step in and offer them a brand NEW site for free, and bundle in back end services that add up to far more than 4K, over the course of the year.

 Ask that realtor or credit guy or contractor to refer 4 of his friends your way for a 10% discount?  Now you can potentially turn a simple 3K client into a 10K day, simply by being creative, imaginative and a little bit assertive with your marketing.

The best part?

Everybody wins.

Other than Mel Gibson.

He can’t seem to get a break these days, but that’s what happens when someone regularly spikes your Cheeerios with tequila.

(I’ve had it happen, and it’s a fun but fuzzy way to spend your holidays)

Especially your clients.

Because if you work as creativity to serve them AFTER the fact as you did to acquire their business in the first place, I promise…they’ll be more than happy to spread the love for you in more ways than you’ll ever know.

A Few Free Things

Everyone loves free things, right?

I know I do.

Here are a few free tools, templates and little odds and ends you may enjoy exploring if you are trying to build a blog, brand or business around content.

– A really great free Q and A plugin from Designwall – a little known design & development shop that makes some kick ass WordPress themes.  The plugin is very cool for creating Q and A style content that allows your users to interact with your community…and that can help position you as an expert or authority in your niche (using the Content Community Continuum model that many of you remember from my various “challenges) …and of this writing, is 100% free.

While you are on their site – check out their free “Minion” blog theme – it’s something a few of my current clients are using for their personal blog – it looks great – is easy to configure and is also 100% free.

– Speaking of free WordPress themes……another good one that is literally a world class design that is 100% free is BIGFOOT from The Happy Bit.

As a matter of fact……

I used it on this blog for about last month, and it has some really, really cool features that are incredibly cool and unsusual for a $100 theme – let alone one you can download gratis – right now.

The very special “showcase page template” is really an AMAZING way to quickly and easily create killer landing pages on your blog – with prominent above the fold buttons for exponentially higher click through rates…..if you want to look like a world class designer for local website offers – (i’ve seen a bunch of people SELLING $1000+ webdesign services who are using this theme for clients and for their own blogs..:-) or are an affiliate looking for a quick and easy way to create high converting campaigns that look great and get the click – BIGFOOT is truly a crazy cool steal of a deal.  (if you can call free a deal :-)

This week only, you can get PINTO from Themebeans for free as well –

…….a simple, modern and super easy to install blog theme specifically created for creatives, bloggers, and photographers or otherwise really interesting people like you and me – it’s usually 30 bucks or so I believe – but until the 25th of this Month, you can download it on CreativeMarket for free. 

Speaking of a blog platform for writers and creatives…..I’ve been playing for the last week with GHOST – and if you are addicted to simple, sexy and straightforward blog publishing platforms…….GHOST is well worth checking out.  I initally started toying around with GHOST last week, simply because as many of you know, I’ve been doing a fair amount of work with the “psychic”, personal development and spiritual coaching/author market since the summer, and trying to get a bunch of people who claim to speak to spirits to start a blog ain’t ‘easy.

It occcured to me – what better incentive than a blog platform called GHOST, right?

Should be an easy sell, don’t you think?

Let’s hope so.

I had no idea.

Some of these people are nuts.

Anyway – you can check out GHOST here – it’s 100% free – but in beta – and a little bit glitchy – yet……I really love it.

You can also see my own GHOST blog here.….

I’ll be changing the domain to something a bit more branded to  “me” and memorable over the next week or so – but I plan on doing a lot of fun things with Ghost over the next few months for a few personal writing projects, which my shrink says would be a good idea to share with the world, rather than keep all bottled up for another decade, which i’m perfectly happy to do.

Lastly, speaking of all bottled up…….I have a really interesting “Challenge” idea I’m thinking about launching over the next week or so for folks who are interested in building an online agency style business from home…….where I will share a whole bevvy of brand, blog and business building blueprints for going literally from ZERO to your first $1000 + in income, within 30 days, on a boostrap budget……..while getting REAL cash paying clients in your LOCAL community.

The truth is, from my perspective – building a growing, flowing, enduring brand and business that has real value is super duper easy if you look local & THINK REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL BUSINESS NEEDS –

…….find something you want to specialize in – and offer a suite of superior services that professionals are already paying for where you currently live……and quite often, getting far substandard results than they deserve.

If you have interest in particpating in this – i’m still sort of fleshing out the details a bit in my head – and how it will be delivered……all current clients will get access to it of course for free – but if you are a “lurker” in the background like most who read this blog unfortunately are, this will be a good opportunity to build something significant through getting involved.

More on this to come – it will be extrememly limited (maximum 50 people out of an overall email list of close to 10K will be taken) feel free to get in touch with me (or leave a comment) if you’d like to know more.





Building a Community on Tumblr

A good article on community building – and niche culture on Tumblr.

For many markets…..Tumblr is the smartest blog building strategy you can find – simply due to how easy they make it to find, bond and build relationships with other people who share your interests…and will help spread your message to the masses.

While there is a whole lot of wierd and wacky stuff on Tumblr as well – let’s face it – we’re all a bit weird and wacky on the inside.

Tumblr just reminds us that we’re not as weird as we thought.

Maybe you are.

But I’m definitely not.

Well worth checking out if you are struggling to find an audience with your conventional blog – Tumblr DOES have it’s shortcomings (not great for long form blost posts like these) but it’s strengths, especially for strategically building a blog, brand, or content oriented community, should not be overlooked.

Check out the full article at the link following the short excerpt below.

On Tumblr, users can post a huge variety of content and media. So, it’s no surprise the social blogging platform hosts wildly diverse communities. Some of these groups are so big and so active they become subcultures in their own right. They take over tags, earn thousands of reblogs and even create dedicated blogs entirely dedicated to one, very specific subject.

Most Tumblr users partake in one or several different subcultures, depending on their personal interests. Because Tumblr allows users to create multiple blogs, a single account can have various subculture-related blogs, as well as a personal one.


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