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How to Write the Perfect Article for Social Media (10 Things That Will Help Make Your Content Go Viral)

A great read for those of you looking to either build your own blogs, brand and business on the firm foundation of content marketing magic....OR, are helping others in your niche, market or community do the same. Well worth checking out....a quick and easy primer on the some of the best practices for creating inspiring, [...]

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Using “Sites” to Sell High End Continuity Services (The Secret to Getting Big Money from Small Sites)

Here is another short article I wrote earlier this week for EZA on using sites to sell high end services, something we're going to be focusing on, and demonstrating in the upcoming "build an online agency from scratch" challenge. If you look at a domain or website marketplace like FLIPPA.COM, you'll see a lot of [...]

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A Few Free Things

Everyone loves free things, right? I know I do. Here are a few free tools, templates and little odds and ends you may enjoy exploring if you are trying to build a blog, brand or business around content. - A really great free Q and A plugin from Designwall - a little known design & [...]

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Building a Community on Tumblr

For many markets.....Tumblr is the smartest blog building strategy you can find - simply due to how easy they make it to find, bond and build relationships with other people who share your interests...and will help spread your message to the masses. While there is a whole lot of wierd and wacky stuff on Tumblr [...]

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