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Book Launch Tips – Some random thought about book launches and other odds and ends

Here is a pretty good list of 15 things you can incorporate into your next book launch.  (at the link following my thoughts below)

And while I DO like this article and many like it……as book publishing becomes more and more part of my own business model (both in my own books, obviously…as well as learning the best ways to enhance and increase the exposure of my clients and subscribers) I find a lot of the book launch tips a bit counter intuitive to my own experience. Continue Reading

How To Make an Extra $5,000 A Month Blogging Your Brains Out

Who else thinks you can’t make pretty good money in your PJ’s blogging from home?

The truth is, there are tons and tons of great ways to earn easy money using nothing but your keyboard, your creativity, and a willingness to come up with consistent content that attracts an audience.  (either for you……or for others)

I’m going to go out on a little bit of limb here and say I don’t neccessarily *love* this approach from an economy of effort standpoint –  simply because it seems so time consuming and so labor/idea intensive as well. Continue Reading


Do it Yourself Crowdfunding Tools

Looking to launch your very own crowdfunding campaign but CAN’T afford the conventional “fundraising” platform fees?

One of the best options for self starters in the ever evolving crowdfunding universe are the cacaphony of creative tools and technologies that are now giving ordinary entrepreneurs like you and I the opportunity to do super duper cool things on our own.  (without needing a phd in php or being able to speak code any better than I can when I’m buying weed on the phone) Continue Reading

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