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A whole boatload of free blog, brand and business building blueprints (download using the links below)

Free gifts:

  1. How to Turn $12 into $1200 
  2. Build Something! (and 7 offers you can launch from scratch for under $100)
  3. 19 traffic generation strategies for coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, marketers, mentors and PURPOSE driven professionals
  4. How to build an authority site with the DIRECTORY model
  5. Earn $297 per sale with the  LAUNCHiT local marketing model
  6. How to get FEROCIOUSLY focused in 2014 (the simple “secret” that could change your life)
  7. The Content Community Continuum (with a 10 day outline)
  8. An audio recording of me blathering on about something.  (I don’t recommend listening to this unless you have an extra hour in your day, no hobbies and very few friends – but, people have asked for a copy, so here it is)
  9. FLOW A free copy of my most recent book on Amazon.  (note:  please disregard the recent 2 star review by “John” on August 29th.    His previous 2 reviews of “fix a flat floor repair” and “new balance shoe lifts” were much more generous.  He sounds short and has old creaky floors, something that would make any of us cranky when reading inspiring prose.    I ain’t mad at you John.  To be honest – I didn’t like it the whole time I was writing it either.  Peace and love.)
  10. Last but not least - Read the BLOG.  (John wouldn’t like it.  Hopefully you will ;-)
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