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The Product Launch Specialist Strategy (LAUNCHiT Local) Featured

If you are NOT on my email list… is a short, simple but VERY powerful process for literally branding yourself as the go to person for local LAUNCHES……for everything from realtors to lenders, to brokers, bakers and candlestick makers. The truth is, it’s amazing how many amazing opportunities there are these days to leverage TOOLS,…

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The LAST Niche Marketing Exercise You Will Ever Have to do (Or…….How to Discover Your Life Purpose and Embrace the Privilege of Being Yourself) Featured

I know that many people who read this blog aren’t on my email list… I wanted to share this simple, exciting, enlightening and exhilarating exercise for picking a niche that CAN transform your life, your focus and your sense of passion and purpose…..all in about 5 minutes. It is….i can confidently state with 100% certainly –…

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Build a Q and A Site with WordPress

Q and A sites are still a great, fun and amazingly EASY way to create content, build a community and position yourself as an expert, authority or thought leader in a niche, market or industry.  (be it a hyper local authority style site….or a bigger, broader and more generalized Q and A that caters to…

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Types of Authority Sites

A:  This is a question that comes up a fair amount when I write something new about authority sites….and in my mind, one of the biggest misconceptions about WHAT an authority site is, and what type of experience you need to have to create one. Consider this for a moment. I’ve been thinking about getting…

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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make More Money as an Affiliate WITHOUT Extra Work (Authority Site Monetization Strategies)

I don’t do a ton of affiliate marketing anymore. And while I’ve never been one of those people who recommended or promoted online marketing “gurus” or gimmicks, I did used to live or die on affiliate commissions as my primary source of income, and have promoted more “real world” products and programs than I can…

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A Great Free Tool for Content Creation, Organization and Staying Ferociously Focused

Workflowy is a fun, free and amazingly addictive tool for project management, organizing content, outlining ideas and most importantly for me…….quickly and easily turning my content into a “cornerstone” that can be converted into something more concrete.  ( a site, service, articles, emails, ebooks or even a complete “curriculum” that  can be recorded and turned…

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The easiest way to build a profitable online business on a BOOTSTRAP gurus required

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