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Self Publishing Tips for Coaches: How to Level Up Your Book Sales & Build Real Relationships in Your Niche (Audio)

Maybe more importantly in the long run? This approach will really help all of us who use it to connect with an extended audience of professional peers, and connect with a community of people who really can have a transformative effect on your brand and business overall. A quick and easy pricing "hack" to sell [...]

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How to Get All of the Traffic You Need to Launch Your Business

A few weeks ago, I posted a short PDF on how to to start your own affiliate program using the Gumroad platform, and some of the different ways you can use that  affiliate program to quickly, easily and ethically grow your brand, and generate lots of buzz for your blog and business. An affiliate program [...]

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13 Ways Gene Hackman Can Make You Rich

And if you are a heavy drinker who amuses himself easily like me, you'll like it even better. The truth is, very few of the headlines, article ideas, or blog posts you create from Portent's Content Idea Generator tool are going to make any real sense.....let alone make you rich. BUT, they will make you [...]

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how to create an affiliate program

The Easiest Way to Start an Affiliate Program

As as coach, consultant, teacher, trainer, author, artist, mentor, mindful marketer, PASSION professional or "enlightened" entrepreneur, one of the highest hurdles you will have to overcome is getting qualified traffic to your site, service or offer.  An affiliate program gives you the INSTANT ability to connect with a community of professional peers and offer them [...]

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Email Automation with Drip – How to Create Your First Lifecycle Marketing Campaign

DRIP is a really cool email marketing automation service. I did a quick review of how it works on my personal blog right here, earlier today. I've found that some people don't really "get" the difference between a traditional email marketing service (like Mailchimp let's say) versus a service like DRIP, which is built specifically [...]

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Stay with the Open Question

I was reading a pretty cool book the other day by philosopher and neuroscientist Evan Thompson called “Waking, Dreaming, Being” We all live in a world where most of us need answers to feel comfortable. To be safe, we crave certainty. At least i always have. Maybe not in ways that are so apparently obvious, [...]

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Join US we we BETA launch a brand new community for enlightened entrepreneurs and people of PASSION who want to turn their PASSION into profit. The Mindful Marketplace: Coming in September 2015 an is a brand new marketplace for coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, mentors, mindful marketers, authors, artists, wellness workers, passion professionals and ENLIGHTENED entrepreneurs who want to DO what You love for a living…and wake up the world with Your work.

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